Vélo Champ

a specialty bicycle shop, celebrating the sport & culture of cycling, located in Historic Seminole Heights


Our comprehensive experience with a massive range of highly specialized wheels has enabled us to develop a, unmatched wheel building technique.  Wheel building methods, although mysterious to the average person, most importantly include the strict application of accepted wheel-building practices with no compromise for time, complexity, tooling or component feature. The result of these methods is a custom wheel that is laterally and concentrically accurate, dished perfectly, tensioned precisely, while maintaining the construction and performance limits of the wheel’s components.

All of our custom wheels have these methods and detail applied. The same detail, accuracy, and care is applied to every custom wheel we build, whether it be a elite, professional competition wheel to that wheel ideally suited for the everyday commuter or recreational cyclist. With wheels being race-campaigned across the country, toured around the world, and raced in some of the most elite competitions, our reputation stands behind every wheel we build.

Our custom wheel-craft services caters to your custom specifications and performance needs, while combining hand-crafted artisan skill with today’s latest in wheel component technology. With every possible component brand (domestic and international) available to us, your requirements can easily be met, if not exceeded.

Please inquire with us regarding your next custom wheel build. Bare in mind, the options are practically limitless, and we often look to consult with our customers to determine their exact needs.