Vélo Champ

a specialty bicycle shop, celebrating the sport & culture of cycling, located in Historic Seminole Heights


Here at Vélo Champ our philosophy is that every fit and session and resulting bike is tailored to the individual. The goal is to build a position on (in) your bicycle that will maximize comfort, power and handling while taking in to consideration each rider’s ambitions and abilities. This goal of can be realized with a existing, stock or custom bike and is also a critical element in the design and configuration of a full custom frame.

Our fit staff combines fitting protocol and methodology from over 15 years of fit experience, implementing the ideal fit using tools from today’s leaders in bicycle fitting and biomechanics. This fit protocol is built upon a precision selection of tools, beginning with Waterford Precision FitMaster, while incorporating other tools from SICI, Elite Bicycles, EVT, Purely Custom, FitKit, LOOK, along with several specialty tools developed in-house here in Vélo Champ.

Our fitting approach consist of a three part process: Pre-Fit Consultation, On-Bike Practical Fit and Post Fit Consultation. The complete fit process averages 3-5 hours, and is accomplished in 2-3 scheduled sessions over the course of 1-5 days. This provides time to address the needs through each part of the fit process, while allowing for several, short 1-2 hour sessions.

Each fitting consultation includes full service tune-up on your current bicycle This provides us valuable mechanical information regarding your present bicycle, while also ensuring your bicycle is in full, working order and without defect. All service parts or replacement components are not included, and will incur an additional charge.

Fitting sessions are by appointment only, and can be offered both during, as well as outside normal business hours. Cancellation of fit sessions must be made within 48 hours of your first session.

For more information our custom fitting, or to schedule a session, please call us at (813) 374-2424 or email us at info@velochamp.com.