Vélo Champ

a specialty bicycle shop, celebrating the sport & culture of cycling, located in Historic Seminole Heights

Vélo Champ – cycle sport & culture


Vélo Champ is a local, boutique bicycle shop celebrating the sport and culture of cycling. Vélo Champ offers a premium range of performance road, cyclocross and track bikes, as well as today’s most functional townie and commuter bikes.

Complimenting the bicycle includes a range of cycling apparel, accessories, bags, periodicals, and a vast array of cycling-related accoutrements. Located in the historic Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa FL, Vélo Champ brings a fresh view on today’s cycling culture. As a locally owned shop, Vélo Champ brings a community-level approach to its both is service and product offerings, while aggressively maintaining its presence as one of Tampa Bay’s premier uncompromising and performance driven bike shops. With a critical focus on road, cyclocross and track cycling, Vélo Champ has positioned itself as a destination for the comprehensive, custom-tailored bicycle enthusiast.

Vélo Champ, LLC is located in the heart of the Historic Seminole Heights in Tampa, FL. Occupying a street-level space in an historic, early-century retail building, Vélo Champ has created a culturally rich retail and service space that takes influence from every facet of the cycling world.

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